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I'm Melissa. I'm a personal trainer, nutritionist, weight loss coach & mompreneur. 

I work with:

Women who struggle with emotional eating and want to have a healthier relationship with food, their body & themselves. 

Busy moms who want to eat healthier & lose weight but feel like they don't have the time, energy or know-how to be successful.

 Mompreneurs who feel overwhelmed & unsure of how to take care of themselves while balancing the demands of business & family.



What I Teach:

Weight Loss is not about eating less & moving more. Healthy living is not about willpower, deprivation or mentally beating ourselves into submission.  What is it about then? 

It's about understanding how to eat & move in ways that empower, fuel & sustain us (this is actually pretty simple!). 

It's about understanding how the brain works and why it is often keeping us stuck in patterns that don't serve us.

It's about understanding the cause of our emotions and how they are driving our actions.

Once we understand this and how to deal with it properly we unlock the key to managing our weight, our health & our life. 

Resources To Get You Started: 

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Free Mini-course

Healthy Meal Planning Made Simple. Learn my simple, step-by-step process for creating healthy meal plans that work for you and/or your family.  

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