Do you want to:

Change your relationship with food, exercise and your body but… you feel overwhelmed and stuck, unsure of how to proceed?

Stop overeating eating & lose the weight for good, but…you don’t know how to break the cycle of emotional eating?

Quit ping-ponging back-and-forth between strict diets that leave you feeling deprived and… indulgence that leaves you with unwanted weight gain or health consequences?

Understand the root causes of weight gain….and learn the tools to reverse it for good?

Finally, stop feeling shame, fear & guilt about your weight, your diet, your body, yourself….and find a health living path rooted in self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance and JOY?

I can help. What I teach is different. 

Most healthy eating or weight loss plans focus only on what you should or shouldn't eat. Some foods are deemed "good" and others "bad".  The goal is simply to resist the bad foods and eat the good ones. (I call this the “gold star system”.)

You can do it for a while but inevitably willpower starts to wane. The walls start to crumble and you can no longer sustain it. You are left with one of two conclusions: "the program doesn't work" or "I am a failure". 

The problem is that most of these diet plans are not tackling the underlying reasons for why we overeat or crave those "bad" foods.  Understanding this is key to successful and long-term health & weight loss.

What if you had all the tools you need to succeeD?

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Why get coached?

Coaching is incredibly powerful. I’ve seen the effects of it in my own life and with my clients.

It’s very painful to desire something for ourselves that we don’t feel we are capable of achieving. Sometimes we believe it’s because we don’t know how. Sometimes we believe it’s external factors (time, money, resources, other people, etc.) that is keeping us from our goals. Sometimes it’s just a deep rooted belief that it’s not possible for us.

It might feel as if there is a huge boulder standing between you and your dreams. You’ve been pushing & pushing and trying to move this boulder but you just can’t. You might feel physically & mentally exhausted. You believe there is no way to move this boulder and no way to move forward. You feel blocked from your dreams.

Again, that is such a painful feeling. In fact, so many of my clients describe a feeling of hopelessness when they come to me because they truly don’t know if it’s possible for them to gain control of their health, relationship with food and/or their weight.

This is where coaching is so incredibly powerful. Coaching helps you see what is possible for yourself. It points out the blind spots so that you can move past them. It teaches you the skills so that you can get around that boulder, or over it, or maybe even move it once and for all.

Coaching shows you how to believe in yourself and in your dreams again. You go from feeling hopeless to hopeful. You move forward feeling empowered, excited and motivated.

It teaches you a new way to think which opens your mind up to options that you didn't even know where there. You can move through the journey with ease and joy in instead of "white-knuckling" and beating yourself up.

Even more mind-blowing, you may realize that the boulder was never there in the first place, the path has been always clear. The only thing blocking you from all your dreams is your own beliefs about what is possible.

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what I believe:

  • Positive thinking and positive emotions are so much more powerful than negative thoughts & emotions (although sometimes we are afraid to believe this). My goal is to elevate my client’s mental and emotional state so that they move towards their goals feeling excited and joyful.

  • A coach helps you see your “blind spots”. I point out the thought patterns and habits that aren’t serving you and give you tools to help you overcome them.

  • You are the expert on YOU. I’m simply here to help you reconnect to your inner wisdom and find your own path.

  • Everyone’s journey is their own. Together we will create a long-lasting plan that gets you to your goals and leaves you feeling confident & motivated.

What I teach:

  • How to create an eating protocol that gets you to your natural weight easily, increases your energy and helps you feel amazing.

  • How to use food & exercise to properly calibrate your hormones and eliminate over-hunger & cravings.

  • How to reduce your over-desire for the foods that aren’t serving you so that you can change your relationship with food.

  • How to stop emotional eating without using willpower (which, ps. never works).

coaching Q & A:


Where do we meet?

I coach clients completely online so it can be done from anywhere as long as you have a phone/tablet/computer and access to the internet.

How do we meet?

I use a program called Zoom (similar to Skype) for weekly/monthly sessions. There is no cost to you for using Zoom, it can be accessed from your phone/tablet or computer and is very easy to use.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions range from 30 minutes (mini-session) to 1-hour depending on the coaching package that you choose.

What else do I get?

You will have access to my online coaching curriculum through Precision Nutrition. This program will teach you skills, habits & solid nutrition information to help you reach your goals.. You will also be included in my private Facebook group so that you can connect with others. I also do check-ins through email, text and a video chat app called Marco Polo so you will have lots of support between sessions.

What is the cost?

I have several private coaching packages ranging from 1 session per month to 1 session per week.

To learn more and see if private coaching is right for you click below to schedule a free phone consultation.


“After struggling with my weight for over 5 years, one-on-one coaching with Melissa has been the best decision for me and my family.”

- Betsy C.


"I am 44 years old and have been overweight my whole life. Three different times in my life, I have lost weight fairly dramatically. Each time, my weight loss was fairly rapid and with extreme limitations on food. In order to lose that weight, I became obsessed with my eating. Then, when I would quit being so “hard-nosed and obsessed,” the weight would creep back up and before I knew it, I would be back to where I started: discouraged, angry with myself, and completely frustrated.

I’ve been discouraged and down on myself all my life due to my weight, but in the past couple of years, I’ve become a bit hopeless, but at the same time totally desperate.

Private coaching/counseling has made a world of difference for me. Melissa is always helpful, encouraging, and motivating. She has helped me work through things from emotional issues to food frustrations. Seriously, she’s a text away!

After just the first 5-6 weeks, I feel much more confident about managing my emotions and my eating in order to lose weight in a reasonable manner.  And I lost 10.2 pounds in that time!

I highly recommend working with Melissa. You will not regret it."

 - Donna B.

“I love our weekly sessions where the content is customized to my needs. I can ask tons of questions and I'm supported throughout the week with personal texts as well tons of online content.”

- Betsy C.

“Trust this former yo-yo dieting, supplement buying, negative Nancy overweight mom of 3....the motivation fairy isn’t going to magically appear with special dust and make all your dreams come true, but with Melissa as your guide, your journey will lead you to a beautiful place of freedom, love, and achieving those goals!”

- Jenna S.

"When I first started this program, I knew I needed to make a change. I had started putting on weight and felt like I was always hungry. I tried to count calories and watch what I ate, but it didn’t work. Not only did I lose weight (without ever counting a single calorie!), I made lasting changes to how I felt about food. I gained power over my cravings, and now have so much more energy! This program was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself!"

July 2018 participant (wished to remain anonymous)

"Melissa’s program isn’t one size fits all weight loss program. It is a guideline to have mindful discussions with yourself as an individual to determine where improvement is needed when it comes to taking care of yourself physically and mentally. I have learned to examine my weaknesses in eating without judgement and have been able to make changes without the pressure of having to lose weight."

- Rosey S.