Joyful Transformation

Joyful Transformation


This isn’t just a weight loss course.

This is about regaining your power over food, your weight & your life.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about finally finding peace. 

Ultimately, it’s about remembering how truly INCREDIBLE you are and how you deserve to have it ALL. You deserve the most amazing life.

(But hey, let’s also lose ALL the weight you want in the process. Cause that’s just fun.)

See you inside!

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There's a good chance that what you've been taught about weight loss is wrong. Eat less, move more does not work. The studies prove it over and over again.

In fact, not only is this message wrong, it can be dangerous. It often sets us up to have an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise & ourselves. It messes up our metabolism, it messes up our mind & it messes with our joy.

What I teach is different. And it's extremely effective.

Weight loss is not a calorie issue, it's a hormone issue. Once you understand how to properly recalibrate your hormones with food and exercise, your body will become "fat adapted" which means you can easily lose weight while reducing hunger and increasing energy (it's amazing!).

And, emotional eating is not a willpower issue. It's about understanding how your brain works and why you are driven to overeat, why it feels like you are acting against your own will, and why it feels so hard to stop. Once you understand the underlying mechanisms of how your brain works, how it's trying to protect you and how it's connected to your emotions, you can unlock the key to ending emotional eating for good!

Joyful Transformation focuses on four key areas:

Physiological - Weight loss is a hormone issue, not a calorie issue. I'll teach you how the foods we eat affect our bodies and how can we use that to our advantage so that we start to crave the foods that serve us and decrease our desire for the foods that don't.

Mental - what is happening in our brain that is making it so hard to change? Once we understand how our mind works and why, we can learn to manage it instead of it managing us.

Emotional - emotions drive our actions. Here is the exciting thing: we can learn how to recognize, process and even change our emotions by understanding the cause of them. By doing this we can use our emotions to drive the results we want in our life.

Spiritual - while the most personal component this might also be the most important. Spiritual is about reconnecting to that inner voice that is guiding us toward our highest self. It's about believing in our dreams and going for it instead of using food to hide from our fears.

In the program I will teach you how to:

  • Create an eating protocol that gets you to your natural weight easily, increases your energy and helps you feel amazing.
  • Use food & exercise to properly calibrate your hormones and eliminate over-hunger & cravings.
  • Reduce your over-desire for the foods that aren’t serving you so that you can change your relationship with food.
  • Stop emotional eating without using willpower (which, ps., never works).

If you are someone who has tried it all but can't seem to find peace with food, feels overwhelmed by all the information out there or just can't bare the idea of another failed attempt at weight loss, this program is for you! It's time to go beyond counting calories, willpower & deprivation. You CAN overcome emotional eating. You CAN lose the weight (maybe more than you imagine) for good. You CAN find peace around food and it CAN be a joyful transformation.