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Module #2: Food, Fat Adaptation & Regulating Hormones

In module #2 we will dive into the physiological side of weight loss. We will learn what to eat (& not eat) in order to start regulating hormones so that your body is able to shift into a state of fat adaptation. This will allow you to burn more fat while increasing energy and decreasing hunger levels.

Module #2 Overview

Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life that you can honestly enjoy.
— From: Freedhoff Y, Sharma A. Best Weight. Canadian Obesity Network, 2010.

Module #2 lessons:


Bonus Viewing: That Sugar Film

(This is just the trailer. You can find the full film on Amazon Prime.)

Portion Control Guide

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SHaring a grocery haul and some simple meal ideas

What the bleep should I eat?!?

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