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Discover how to move past your health barriers using the Enneagram.

In order to reach our goals we have to take action, consistent action.

What fuels our action? Our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves, what is possible and our ability to succeed.

The way we view the world and ourselves within the world has a huge impact on how we show up, how we face challenges & how we overcome obstacles.

How can the Enneagram help?

The Enneagram is a tool that allows us to understand the 9 lenses through which people see the world.

Sometimes we don’t think about the fact that the way we think about the world has such an effect on us- from taking risks, to making decisions, and even the way we care for ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Enneagram can help us better understand our motivators, fears & core beliefs.

It can also help us better understand some of our pitfalls or stumbling blocks when trying to make changes or face challenges.

how can knowing my number help with health?

For many of us there is often a deep sense of shame tied to not being able to stick with that diet, do that workout program or look like that girl on Instagram.

The truth is, nothing is wrong with you! It may just be that you haven’t yet discovered what truly motivates you, what brings you deep joy or how best to overcome your barriers. In other words, you haven’t yet figured out how to do this health thing in a way that works for you long term.

In this FREE workshop Ennegram Coach, Conner Cochran and Nutrition & Weight Coach, Melissa Adrian will teach you how to use your number to:

  • develop deeper insight into what motivates you,

  • figure out what may may be holding you back from taking action towards our goals and

  • how to overcome some of the common barriers your number faces.

We will leave you with some practical, helpful & actionable steps that you can implement right away to start feeling better, push past your barriers and achieve the results that you want!

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