To Get or To Gain...That Is the Question.

Question: Would you rather win a million dollars or earn it?

Honestly. No wrong answer. Think about it.

If you win it you get it right away, nothing you have to do.

To earn it you are going to have to learn some skills, do some tough things, work hard, face some fears. Oh, and it’s going to take some time.

Most of us are like “Umm…duh, give me the money!”

So, here’s another question, which would make you prouder?

If someone asks, “How’d you get your wealth? How’d you afford that nice house? How are you able to be so generous?”

How would you like to answer?

I’ve got some clients who are killing it right now (10 lbs in 6 weeks, 20 lbs in a few months, 30 lbs over the summer) but here’s the thing, sometimes they get discouraged because they feel like it’s not happening fast enough.

And I feel compassion for them because they are bombarded with messages about super fast weight loss plans. They see infomercials and social media posts and Instagram pics about dramatic transformations and it feels like that’s how it’s supposed to be if you are doing it “right”.  

Did you know the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry? You’re probably not surprised.

Companies and coaches are for competing for space in the market, fighting to be seen, fighting to be heard.

Quick results sell.

Easy sells.

Dramatic transformations sell.

“Take this supplement to melt away all your fat” sells.

For those of us who’ve been doing this for a while we know the truth.

Quick doesn’t last.

Dramatic isn’t sustainable.

Easy isn’t worth anything.

I’ve seen it time and time again. And so have you.

These quick fix programs don’t work. Why? Because they teach the HOW but not the WHY.

The how is important but that’s easy part. The why is the hard part. Without understanding the WHY you will just be jumping from diet plan to diet plan, supplement to supplement, 30-day detox to 21-day challenge.

WHY did you gain in the first place? WHY are you struggling to get it off? WHY did it come back? WHY has food become so powerful?

My clients are doing the hard work.

They are digging deep and unveiling the why.

They are learning how to really listen to their body and give it what it needs.

They are learning how to create a plan that works for them.

They are learning how to catch their thoughts and manage their mind.

They are learning how to feel their emotions instead of eating them away.

They are learning how to live in integrity with themselves.

They are learning how to show up for themselves like never before.

They are learning how to feel fear but move forward anyway.

They are learning that they are incredibly valuable and worthy just as they are and because of that they deserve the best self-care possible.

We are doing the hard work and anything worth anything takes some time. It takes some fails. It takes some courage. It takes some honesty.

So, they are not taking the easy route. Instead, they are earning every pound, every inch, every size lost.

And because of what they are learning along the way this is quite possibly the last time they will ever have to lose this weight.

This isn’t the easy sell. I don’t promise quick and easy and dramatic. I promise something so much more valuable. I promise a new relationship with food, with your body and with yourself.

I promise that what you EARN through this process is something that no one can ever take away.

And it’s something you will be incredibly proud of.

Melissa Adrian