Joyful Transformation Affiliate Program

Help others. Make money. Simple as that.

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How It works

First, submit the application at the bottom of this page (you can also access it by clicking here: JOYFUL TRANSFORMATION AFFILIATE APPLICATION.

I ask a few short questions to make sure this will be good fit for both of us. 

Basically, if you are familiar with my work, believe in what I teach and are willing to share with others, you are eligible to be an affiliate. 

Once approved I will send you a special affiliate link. 

This link will take people to the sales page for the program. It won't look any different than the regular sales page, in other words they won't know you are an affiliate unless you choose to tell them.

If they sign up through the link you will automatically get 25%.

This means you will make around $50 for every person who signs up because of you.  

The money will be directly deposited to a Pay Pal account. (If you don't have a Pay Pal account yet don't worry. It's free and I'll walk you through how to set one up. It's incredibly easy). 

And that's it. 

Common Questions

Q1: Do I have to have gone through the Joyful Transformation program first in order to be an affiliate? 

Answer: Nope. Joyful Transformation is a weight loss program and I realize this isn't a goal for everyone. However, you might still have friend/family/co-workers who could benefit. 

If you have not gone through the program I will have a short video description you can watch to get an idea of what I teach so that you can accurately promote the program. 

Q2: Do I get a special affiliate discount?

Answer: Yes!  Affiliates who are interested in going through the program themselves will receive a special 25% off discount code. Woot woot!  I will email you the code when I send your affiliate link.

Q3: If people sign up through my link will they get a special discount? 

Answer: To keep it simple I don't have discounts for individual affiliate links. However, I will occasionally offer early bird discounts which you can share and use to promote. Discounts do not affect your payout amount. 

Q4: When do I get paid? 

Answer: As of now (July 2018) you will get your payout on the 1st of the month & after 30 days. 

For example, if someone signs up on July 18th, the money will be deposited on Sept. 1. 

Q5: Is there a quota for the number of times I have to share my link or the number of people I have to sign up? 

Answer:  Nope! No quotas. Share as much or as little as you want. 


Other questions? Feel free to email me at

Ready to get started? Simply fill out the application beloW.