Online Fitness & Weight Loss Coaching

Online Coaching (also called Online Training) is quickly becoming a top trend in the fitness industry. While traditional gym-based training still holds a valuable place in the fitness industry (and always will), the emergence of online training allows experienced trainers to expand their business, maximize their time and ultimately help more people. With the technology available today online training is not only possible, but, in many cases, a preferable option for trainers and their clients.

There are many advantages to online training including convenience, cost, accessibility & the use of technology. Programs like TRAINERIZE (see below) allow my clients to access workouts when & where they want, see & record their fitness stats and be an active participant in their own progression.

As a trainer & nutrition coach my desire is to help as many people as I can look & feel their best. Online coaching gives me the opportunity to take my years of experience as a trainer & college instructor and expand it into the online coaching world where I am able to help many more people than I would otherwise.


  • Those who have specific GOALS and need the guidance of a professional to get there. Some common goals for those who do online training:
    • Weight loss
    • Functional Strength
    • Body Composition changes (more muscle tone, less fat)
    • Feel better & have more energy 
    • Improve health 
    • Train for an event (5K, sprint triathlon, mud run, etc)
  • Those who need a FLEXIBLE workout schedule
    • With online coaching you get to workout WHEN it is most convenient for you! You don't have to work around a trainer's schedule, sick kids, unexpected meetings, soccer games or anything else that might keep you from your workouts. 
    • You can workout WHERE it is most convenient for you, whether that be a gym, at home, in the park or all of the above. Your program will be tailored to you and your preferences. 
  • Those who need the guidance, support & motivation of a coach in a way that is AFFORDABLE!
    • The average cost of a face-to-face session is $50. If you train 3 x's a week that's $600/month!  While you can't put a price on your health, it shouldn't be that only the super wealthy can afford to work with a trainer or coach. 
    • How much does online coaching cost?
      • 1 month - $99
        • This is a great option for those who just need help kick-starting their way back to healthy habits, want to try online training without making a big commitment or those who have a very short-term goal. And if you love it and want to keep going? Great! Just sign up again. 
      • 3 month Program - $259
        • For those who need a bit more support but still have a short-term goal (like training for an event or special occasion) the 3-month program is a great option!
      • 6 month Program - $475 
        • This program is for those that are really serious about changing their health, their body and their mind-set around diet & exercise. True change takes time and this program gives you the time & commitment you need to see those long-lasting changes. 


 Preview of a workout in Trainerize

Preview of a workout in Trainerize

Each Goal Program includes:

  • A Personalized Fitness Plan 
    • Access to the TRAINERIZE program & app so that you can access your workouts anywhere
    • Home or gym based workout plan
    • Cardio, Resistance Training & Flexibility programming
  • Personal Nutrition Coaching
    • Personal Nutrition Profile
    • Sample meal plans, shopping lists, recipes & meal prep videos
    • Weekly behavior challenges to help you change your habits for good. 
    • A sensible, realistic & personalized plan to help you reach & maintain your goals. 
  • Weekly assessment meeting through email, phone, Face Time or Skype.
  • Access to me through email &text to answer any and all questions you may have about your program.

I'll walk with you step by step as we work to reach your health & fitness goals! If you feel online coaching could be a good fit for you I would love the chance to speak with you in more detail about your health or fitness goals. Fill out the Online Coaching Application or contact me here


"Since working with Melissa I have lost almost 20 lbs!! The thing I like most about Trainerize is the accountability in exercising. I love having new plans each month to keep it interesting and keep the workouts challenging enough for my goals without being too strenuous. I work full time so going to a gym is tough but I love that I can easily do the workouts at home when it works for me.  The simple, easy to implement nutrition coaching has made a huge difference. I can make sensible changes without having to eat on a strict plan or give up certain foods (or wine ;)). I know it something I can do for life. This is important for me because I want to stay strong and healthy for my grand kids. I highly recommend Melissa's program!" Beth - Greenville, SC

“I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed working virtually with Melissa!  We are able to meet through FaceTime each week to discuss my goals, what is working and what needs to be changed. She loads workouts she’s personally selected for me into the Trainerize app.  And, from there it’s so simple because Trainerize tracks my workouts, body stats, and more for me!  As a busy, working mom who travels often it's perfect because I can fit the workouts into my day when & where it's best for me so I am able to stay consistent no matter what is going on. Melissa is so knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and how to apply it to my personal situation and goals.  And, beyond that she’s a true encouragement each week to help keep me motivated.  I started online coaching and training for the accountability (which is great!) but I’ve gained so much more than that.  And, thanks to Melissa’s help – I’m well on my way to my goal! ”   Lindy - Ann Arbor, Michigan