As a mom I know how hard it can be to workout. If you actually have a spare hour (hilarious, I know) the though of packing up the kids and toting them to a gym is almost as exhausting as the workout itself. Not to mention the cost of a gym, trainer and/or childcare and it often just feels not worth it.

However, I also know that moms need to workout as much as anyone else - maybe MORE than anyone else.  

I started a Mommy's Morning Workout in my community to try and help other moms (and myself!) find the time to workout without having to feel guilty, spend a ton of time or break the bank. Plus it's a chance to meet other moms in the area while the kids have a play date - win/win!

If are in the Mt. Pleasant area and would like to join us please message me below or check-out the Facebook page for more details. All levels welcome!