Intuitive Transformation


Are you done with dieting?  Like, seriously, OVER IT! 

As women we are bombarded with ideas of how we "should" look, how we "should" eat, how we "should" exercise and how we "should" feel (i.e., awful if we aren't doing it all right). Often, this leads to an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise and our body. 

There seems to be a new diet or workout plan emerging every other day that promises to help you lose all the weight, get the body of your dreams & feel amazing. It will only cost you all your time, the ability to think for yourself, and possibly your sanity.

As you probably know, diet plans rarely, if ever, work (did you know the diet industry has a 90 - 95% fail rate??). Not only do they not work, they often cause more harm than good. 

So, you might be wondering, what is the solution? 

If you are sick and tired of being on the diet roller coaster, counting calories, stressing about which diet to chose, worrying about whether your workouts are good enough or feeling like you just can't get it right, this program is for you. 

Get off the guilt train & reconnect to the inner part of you that knows best. No more all-or-none mentality, white-knuckling, deprivation or mentally beating yourself up. 

Based on the revolutionary book Intuitive Eating, this 16-week program will walk you through the principles of Intuitive Eating & Movement:

Week 1: Hitting Diet Bottom

Week 2: What Kind Of Eater Are You? 

Week 3: Principles of Intuitive Eating: Overview

Week 4: Awaken the Intuitive Eater: Stages

Week 5: Principle 1: Reject the Diet Mentality

Week 6: Principle 2: Honor Your Hunger

Week 7: Principle 3: Make Peace with Food

Week 8: Principle 4: Challenge the Food Police

Week 9: Principle 5: Feel Your Fullness

Week 10: Principle 6: Discover the Satisfaction Factor

Week 11: Principle 7: Cope With Your Emotions Without Using Food

Week 12: Principle 8: Respect Your Body

Week 13: Principle 9: Exercise - Feel the Difference

Week 14: Principle 10: Honor Your Health - Gentle Nutrition

Week 15: Raising and Intuitive Eater: What Works with Teens & Kids

Week 16: The Ultimate Path Towards Healing with Eating Disorders


This course is still in development and scheduled to launch in early 2018. Click below to be notified when this course launches.