Fit Club

What Is It?

Fit Club is a monthly membership program that delivers workouts tailored for you based on your goals. 

Workouts are created by me and delivered via the revolutionary program & app, Trainerize, allowing you to access your workouts anytime, anywhere. 

With Trainerize you are able to view your custom workouts, see video demonstrations, receive exercise instruction, schedule your workouts, get reminders, track your progress and connect to your trainer (yours truly!) 

Who Is It For?

  • Those who have specific goals and need the guidance of a professional to get there. I offer three Fit Club goal groups at this time:
    • Basic Health - for those who want to improve health markers (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars) and/or improve their overall health, vitality & energy. 
    • Weight Loss - for those who have the primary goal of weight loss.  
    • Strengthen & Tone - for those who want to sculpt, tone & improve functional strength. 

(Not sure which program is right for you? Fill out the Fit Club Inquiry Form & I will contact you to set up a free consultation.) 

  • Those who need a FLEXIBLE workout schedule
    • With Fit Club you get to workout WHEN it is most convenient for you! You don't have to work around a trainer's schedule, sick kids, unexpected meetings, soccer games or anything else that might keep you from your workouts. 
    • You can workout WHERE it is most convenient for you, whether that be a gym, at home, in the park or all of the above. Your program will be tailored to you and your preferences. 
Preview of a workout in Trainerize

Preview of a workout in Trainerize

What It Includes:

Each Goal Program includes:

  • Tailored workouts based on your goals
  • Access to the Trainerize program & app so that you can access your workouts anywhere
  • Home or gym based workout plan
  • Cardio, Resistance Training & Flexibility programming
  • Access to me through the app to answer questions, give guidance and keep you motivated

What Does It Cost?

Fit Club is $25 per month. There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. 


Need help with Nutrition as well? Join my friend & registered dietitian, Wendie Schneider for her Pantry Doctor Monthly Meal Prep Membership & receive 20% of both programs ($40/month for both; option given at check-out).




Have more questions? Fill out the Fit Club Inquiry Form to request a free consultation meeting. 

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